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Chasing Aurora And Yet It Moves Globetrotters

Meet Broken Rules

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Broken Rules is an independent game studio based in Vienna, Austria. The studio was founded by Felix, Jan and Peter in 2009. The founding team grew when Clemens and Martin joined a year later.
Together, we’ve released three games so far: Chasing Aurora, And Yet It Moves and Globetrotters.

The focus of our games is originality, simplicity, refined game mechanics and rich interactivity. Games are cultural achievements. We seek to make our games new and meaningful experiences.

With Josef Wiesner, we organize a gathering called zamSpielen, where we invite the public to play a fine selection of games with us and show that video games offer a wider range of interesting experiences beyond the usual expectations.


Felix [t] is mostly responsible for game design and management. He's the only team member who has a master title in Game Design. Felix keeps the vision of the company and embodies our Indie spirit best. He's our CEO and a level 80 game design wizard.


Jan [t] is the Audio Director’s at Broken Rules and was the art director of And Yet It Moves. Jan is a great systems designer and has the most surprising ideas when it comes to game design. Jack-of-all-trades is an understatement when it comes to Jan.

Peter Houska

Peter, usually referred to as Husky, is our supporting tech engineer. He ported Chasing Aurora to the Wii U and is an all-around top-notch whizz kid when it gets down and dirty with our engine Ginkgo.


Martin [t] handles business development and the marketing side of Broken Rules, as well as being the lead architect of level editor GinkEd. He is a twitter addict and doctor of computer sciences. He's our chief pragmatist though he has a past as a new media artist.


Peter [t] is the technical lead and CFO. Peter loves physics and raw playfulness - in games and in sports. Peter is a ++coder and the king of templates. He's a combines the skills of a builder and an architect of destruction in one person.


Clemens [t] is creative director, art director and lead artist. He gets to wear all these titles mainly because he's the ONLY artist. He does everything from game-, level-, interface- and web-design to character animation, level decoration, effects, concept art, video editing and game logic scripting. Clemens has a history with street art and likes to sport a healthy punk attitude.



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