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A chilled out puzzle game to help you relax and find your groove.

Apple Design Award Winner 2019.

From the creators of Old Man's Journey, a new musical puzzle game about feeling the rhythm to find the solution.

Slow down, start listening and let the groove guide you through 85 levels.
No ticking clock, no ads, no paywalls.

Just satisfying gesture controls designed for touch, with a smooth learning-curve and pressure-free attitude.

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ELOH is a game by jcstranger and Salon Alpin, published by Broken Rules.

After creating several, smaller mobile titles as a solo developer, Christian Baumgartner alias jcstranger felt that it was time to level up his game as a developer. For his next project, he aimed at a higher tier in terms of scope, depth and overall experience. The decision was followed by months of experimenting with prototypes until he finally had a solid, playable concept of his new game: ELOH.

While the gameplay was fleshed out, it clearly lacked an identity. Christian decided to reach out to an old friend and visual development expert, Lip Comarella, co-founder of Salon Alpin, the animation studio that made waves with their collaboration on the award-winning story game Old Man's Journey in recent years.

In one of the many conversations that followed, they noticed that their daily lifes often are too busy to sometimes just slow down, think and listen. Soon an idea formed around that topic - they wanted to create something that would allow them to calm down and tap into their inner groove.

When they started working on the visuals it soon became apparent that the game also needed a sound that would carry on their vision. So they reached out to another previous Broken Rules collaborator: Andrew "scntfc" Rohrmann. He agreed to join their quest to find tranquility in pressure free puzzle solving and the team grew.

However, with that much talent added to the roster, new possibilities arose - demanding technical prowess that the used game engine couldn't provide anymore. This was the point where Broken Rules fully came into effect - Jan Hackl, lead programmer of Old Man's Journey joined forces and took over the technical part of the development while Felix Bohatsch, game director and producer of Old Man's Journey, consulted them on ELOHs PR strategy.

But Broken Rules didn't stop at helping out with the actual development, the studio also acts as the official publisher, expanding it's portfolio with another beautiful, focused, high-quality title and fortifying it's position as a sprawling, creative hub for games in the center of Vienna.

In June 2019 ELOH received an Apple Design Award during WWDC in San Jose.