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Old Man’s Journey, a soul-searching puzzle adventure game, tells a story of life, loss and hope. Entrenched in a beautifully handcrafted world, players embark on a heartfelt journey interwoven with playful puzzles. Interacting with the serene and whimsical environment, players solve puzzles to shape the world around them, growing the hills to create the old man’s path forward. By uncovering the old man’s story told through beautiful vignettes of his memories, players experience his heartache, regret and hope, coupled with inquisitive, pressure-free, and engaging puzzle solving. Broken Rules, the developer behind Old Man’s Journey, is also excited to announce their partnership with IndieFund, who provided funding for the game.


Old Man's Journey is the brainchild from two of Broken Rules co-founders, Clemens and Felix. One of our core ideals of making games is to work on something that resonates with us on a personal level - something we can emotionally relate to. We started looking for inspiration within our own experiences and topics that concern our daily lives. One of those topics is that we all became parents in the past few years. The challenges that come along with following our dreams of independently working on creative projects while raising kids and taking care of our families and is a topic that ties us together. The old man's life story became an emotional progression we want our players to experience. We want players to be able to empathize with the character of the old man, creating an emotional link between the two. This progression curve became the base of all our decisions. We designed all aspects of the game, the visuals, the music, the gameplay, etc., to follow this curve and to increase the emotional impact.


  • Hand-crafted and hand-drawn art work with frame-by-frame animations
  • Original music by SCNTFC
  • A compact game experience that will touch your heart


Gameplay Teaser YouTube

Announcement YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (18MB)
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Awards & Recognition

  • "IGF Nominee for Excellence in Visual Arts" 2017
  • "Media Choice Award IndieCade EU" 2016
  • "Digital Selection IndieCade LA" 2016
  • "PAX 10" 2016

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About Broken Rules

Broken Rules is an independent game studio based in Vienna, Austria. We make downloadable games with refined game mechanics.

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Old Man's Journey Credits

Felix Bohatsch, Broken Rules
Project Lead, Game Design

Clemens Scott, Broken Rules
Creative Director, Art

Jan Hackl, Broken Rules

Andrew C. Rohrmann
Audio Director

Brian Main
Animation and Additional Art

Salon Alpin
Visual Narrative

Stefan Kernjak
Technical Artist

Julia Angerer
Technical Art Intern

Doris Rastinger
Visual Narrative Intern

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