Broken Rules
Based in Vienna, Austria

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November 5, 2015

Wii U


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Electronic Super Joy is a brutally hard platformer set in a world of pulse-pounding electronic music. Run, jump, smash and fly your way through weird and different levels, with low-gravity, world rotation, giant monsters and swarming missiles. Critically acclaimed, adored for its style and praised for its spot-on platforming, the original Electronic Super Joy is legendary. Now you can play it on Wii U!


Michael Todd Games originaly released Electronic Super Joy on PC in August 2013. It soon became a darling to any player who loves to be challenged with style. In summer 2015 Michael Todd contacted Broken Rules if we would be interested in porting it to Wii U. We think that Electronic Super Joy is a perfect game for Nintendo fans so we patnered with Todd to bring it to the eShop. During development we often found ourselves playing for way longer then the actual testing required. Might have prolonged the port a bit, but it's just such good a game! :)


  • Levels designed around the music, not the other way around.
  • 64 levels, 6 worlds, 4 bosses.
  • Wii U version includes all bonus levels and the Micro Hell campaign
  • 8+ hours of gameplay.
  • Double jump, ground-pound, flying, spaceship piloting, low gravity, you name it!
  • Over an hour and a half of unique electronic music!
  • Endless challenges in Infinte Love Mode!


Electronic Super Joy Wii U Release Trailer YouTube

Electronic Super Joy Wii U Teaser YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "Visually stunning, hilarious, and brutally challenging. 9/10."
    - Kyle MacGregor, Destructoid
  • "Rock out and get your hardcore platforming on."
    - Jessica Condit, Joystiq
  • "Indie gaming with style"
    - Destin Legarie, IGN

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Original Website
The website of the original game that came out 2013 .

Michael Todd Games
The website of the original developer of the game .

About Broken Rules

Broken Rules is an independent game studio based in Vienna, Austria. We make downloadable games with refined game mechanics.

More information
More information on Broken Rules, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Electronic Super Joy Wii U Credits

Michael Todd
Game Designer, Programmer & Artist


Felix Bohatsch
Production & Programming of Wii U port

Jan Hackl
Programming of Wii U port

Josef Wiesner
QA of Wii U port

Ryan Roth
Audio Programming

Alex 'Droqen' Martin
Programming and Level Design

JP Stringham
Programming and Level Design

Additional Programming

Additional Programming

Additional Programming

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