Broken Rules
Based in Vienna, Austria

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April 23, 2009


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And Yet It Moves
Chasing Aurora
Secrets Of Raetikon
Yet It Moves
Electronic Super Joy
Old Mans Journey

Museumsplatz 1/e5.3
1070 Vienna



Broken Rules is an independent game studio based in Vienna, Austria. We make downloadable games with refined game mechanics.


And Yet It Moves

Broken Rules' first title, And Yet It Moves, was released on Steam, the Mac App Store, iOS and for the Nintendo Wii and is available for PC, Mac and Linux platforms. The game received a lot of attention when it won the Student Showcase at the Independent Games Festival 2007.When it was shown at E3, Nintendo got interested and the team subsequently started to port the title to WiiWare. But porting is not enough, so a couple of new features and game modes found there way into the WiiWare version of the game. That's why the metacritic score of And Yet It Moves on WiiWare is 83%. 6 years after its initial release we partnered with japanese publisher DeNA to finally bring the game to iOS.


The company was initially founded by Felix, Jan and Peter. During the launch of And Yet It Moves, Broken Rules merged with one half of their indie friends and office neighbors studio radiolaris. Learning that one half of studio radiolaris was quitting game development the team quickly decided to hook up with Martin, the other half. studio radiolaris had previously released three iPhone games; Radio Flare (which was nominated at IGF as well as IndieCade), Zombies vs. Sheep and Radio Flare REDUX. At the same time Clemens joined the company as an artist. After the merger, the new team started working on Ginkgo, an in-house engine. Ginkgo features a modern component-based architecture, a physics-, geometry- as well as frame-based animation system, deferred rendering and a live editor.

Chasing Aurora

Broken Rules' Wii U launch title is called Chasing Aurora. Chasing Aurora started out as a bird-flying racing game prototyped in late 2010. By spring, Broken Rules managed to get public funding from the city of Vienna to develop a three part series of games set in the Alps. Soon afterwards, a first multiplayer prototype based on the children’s game of tag was implemented. The multiplayer mode was supplemented by a single player campaign and racing made place for exploration and brawling. The game was developed with Ginkgo, Broken Rules' in-house game engine. In mid 2011 the company received the offer to bring the game to the recently announced Nintendo Wii U console as a launch title. Chasing Aurora was released for the Wii U at its launch in November 2012.

Secrets of Raetikon

Before starting to work on Chasing Aurora, Broken Rules set out to make a single player exploration game about the dream of flight. After releasing the launch title for Nintendo Wii U, the team returned to this project. Secrets of Raetikon was released as Open Alpha on Steam Early Access on January 7th 2014. The game is scheduled to go in beta in Q2 2014.



Secrets of Raetikon Gameplay Teaser Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (41MB)

There are far more images available for Broken Rules, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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Awards & Recognition

  • "BAFTA Inside Games Arcade" - Secrets of Raetikon, 2014
  • "SXSW Gamers' Voice Award Nominee" - Secrets of Raetikon, 2014
  • "AMAZE Indie Games Award Shortlist" - Secrets of Raetikon, 2014
  • "GamerCamp Official Selection" - Secrets of Raetikon, 2013
  • "Minecon Indies Selection" - Secrets of Raetikon, 2013
  • "Content Award Nomination" - Secrets of Raetikon, 2013
  • "AMAZE Indie Games Award Nominee" - Chasing Aurora, 2012
  • "IndieCade Finalist" - Radio Flare (studio radiolaris), 2009
  • "Independent Games Festival Mobile Audio Nominee" - Radio Flare (studio radiolaris), 2009
  • "IndieCade Finalist" - And Yet It Moves, 2008
  • "Independent Games Festival Student Showcase winner" - And Yet It Moves, 2007
  • "Independent Games Showcase at E3" - And Yet It Moves, 2007
  • "EUROPRIX Top Talent Award Nominee" - And Yet It Moves, 2007

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    - Interview with Felix Bohatsch, Pixelate
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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Felix Bohatsch
Game Design & CEO

Jan Hackl
Game Design & Sound

Peter Houska
Console Development & Shader Wizardry

Martin Pichlmair
Production, Development & Business

Clemens Scott
Lone Pixel Pusher

Peter Vorlaufer
Development & Technology

Josef Wiesner
Level Design

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