The Team

Broken Rules was originally started by three students – Felix, Jan and Peter – in 2009. In 2010 the team grew to the size of five when Clemens and Martin joined. 2011 brought Andy and Josef. Andrea Schmoll makes most of our marketing and PR. Josef Wiesner is building levels. We have a pretty flat hierarchy and every team member wears a lot of different hats.

Image courtesy of Robert Glashüttner

Felix Bohatsch [@/t] is mostly responsible for game design and management. He’s the only one who has a master title in Game Design. Felix keeps the vision of the company and embodies our Indie spirit best. He’s our CEO and a level 80 game design wizard.

Clemens Scott [@/t] is our graphics artist. But in the tradition of many-hat-wearing he’s also active in communications, game design and music. Clemens is a street artist with a healthy punk attitude. He’s a perfectionist and has played nearly every indie game ever made.

Jan Hackl [@/t] wears more hats than anyone else. He was art director on And Yet It Moves, is our most manic level designer, loves to get his hands dirty with code and would like to make more music. He has always the most surprising ideas when it comes to game design and graphics. Jack-of-all-trades is an understatement when it comes to Jan.

Peter Vorlaufer [@/t] is the technical lead and CFO. Peter loves physics and raw playfulness – in games and in sports. Peter is a ++coder and the king of all templates. He’s a builder and an architect of destruction (as long as the explosion has believable physics and enough particles).

Martin Pichlmair [@/t] is our duct-tape programmer, game designer and likes to communicate. He joined Broken Rules when we merged with his former company, studio radiolaris. Martin is a twitter addict and doctor of computer sciences. He loves heated discussions and creating worlds. He’s our chief pragmatist though he has a past as a new media artist. He’s a tinkerer, not a craftsman.