The Demo Contest

This is how it's done!

As you know, both And Yet It Moves and BIT.TRIP FATE have demos available on the Wii Shop Channel for the WiiWare Service. And as you probably also know, these demos will vanish by the end of the month if their respective full versions don’t get enough ratings in the Nintendo channel!

So here’s the deal: help us stay in the Wii store for 8 more weeks and win a copy of BIT.TRIP FATE in return!

Naturally, we appreciate any support we get and it already brightens up our day to receive positive comments on our work.

But this time, we would like to give you something back: in return for your support and to get you guys & gals going, we are giving out 3 copies of BIT.TRIP FATE!

So, how do I get my hands on that splendid game by the ever-awesome developers over at Gaijin Games, you ask?

Easy: just send a picture of yourself recommending And Yet It Moves on the Nintendo Channel (and not World of Goo, like in the picture above) to or post it to the official And Yet It Moves facebook page until Wednesday, December 15th.

The three funniest/most creative/best pictures will receive a copy of BIT.TRIP FATE. So get your cameras set – go forth and be creative!

How to rate And Yet It Moves in the Nintendo channel

Wii Menu -> Nintendo Channel -> Recommend Titles (Mail symbol in the bottom bar) -> Recommend Wii Titles -> Go for it
And Yet It Moves will only show up in the Recommend Wii Titles list if you own the full version and played it for more than one hour.

If you don’t have the Nintendo Channel, it’s a free download in the Wii Shop:
Wii Menu -> Wii Shop Channel -> Wii Channel -> Nintendo Channel -> Download

Update 1

If you want to win And Yet It Moves instead, send a picture of you recommending BIT.TRIP FATE to the folks at Gaijin Games:

Update 2

Unfortunately the offer only counts for the North American Wii store. Let us know in the comments if you’re from Europe and would like to see something similar when the AYIM demo comes out there!

Posted on December 10, 2010
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  • James

    Is this for North America only or can European gamers enter too?

  • Clemens

    I’m afraid it’s only for North America this time.
    However, if enough interest is generated we’ll probably do something similar once the AYIM demo is released in Europe.

  • James

    Thanks for the clarification, Clemens!