Meet Storm!

Storm is the oldest, with his 58 years of age, and the most experienced. He’s not only seen many battles, but fought many of them as well. He is a veteran now – shunned by most of the tribe. His life wasn’t always that bleak, but filled with love and laughter by his loving wife and son. He’ll always blame himself for what happened – now his son is dead and his wife no longer at his side. Most of the time, Storm is moody and grumpy, but when he thinks back to his wife and son’s laughter, one can catch a glimpse of a smile on his face, before it turns to stone again, when he remembers everything.

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Posted on November 9, 2012
Filed under Chasing Aurora
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  • Merc

    I CALL CROW!! Suck it slowpokes!!

    I call shotgun too! ha!

  • Andy

    He might not be his tribe’s favorite, but everyone else seems to love him.

  • merc

    Everyone loves an outsider.

  • Andy

    Everyone but his tribe, it seems.