Meet Ruth!

Ruth, the falcon, is young and restless!
Despite her relatively young age (24) she’s a warrior at heart and a trained professional. She’s a rascal, loud and ruthless, but has a good heart. A heart, that isn’t easy to win over – only the most stubborn and reckless was able to.
It is not easy to keep up with the overly energetic Ruth but the ones who have the strength and persistence are rewarded with the most loyal friend imaginable.

Download Ruth’s icons here:


Posted on November 5, 2012
Filed under Chasing Aurora
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  • Merc

    That geometric art style is killer. I must confess, I still don’t have a good grasp on what the gameplay for the game is yet. I wish you would describe it a little further in depth.

  • pi

    We will have a lot of gameplay footage soon. And better descriptions of the actual gameplay, too. Of course, you can play the game for the graphics alone, too :)

  • Wonkyth

    Been following this since forever, Looks like it’s gonna be worth it! :D

  • Andy

    Keep a close eye on our blog and our other channels. We’re rolling out gameplay videos that capture the different gameplay modes as we speak. Freeze Mode and Hide & Seek are already up, the rest will follow soon.

    We’ve focused on keeping all the asynchronous multi-player modes as simple, but fun as possible.