Friday Flashback #33: Crazy Times!

The long silence on our part can only mean one thing – we’re polishing, polishing, polishing! And when we’re not polishing – we’re testing, testing, testing! This time, though, those tests aren’t conducted with test users but us. We’re actively looking for bugs, mistakes, things to polish, things to fix and while we’re at it – we’re also trying to break it. If we can’t break it, it’s done!

So, in short, this is what we’ve achieved this week (and, in variation, the weeks before):

  • As already mentioned, Josef is now in full test mode. He’s playing, breaking, testing, searching and putting everything down in our bug database.
  • Which results in massive bug fixing. The last few weeks our main focus laid on fixing all the major and minor bugs we’ve encountered during testing.
  • A lot of work and thought went into the now almost fully functional tutorial for the multi-player mode.
  • Since we’re never satisfied with out work, polishing and tuning is a huge TODO on our agenda. “Hide & Seek” is currently one of our tuning-patients. Our second focus is the challenge mode, which is being tuned as we speak.
  • Meanwhile, our artist has caught the polishing-flu as well and is going through all the levels, and improves the already awesome artwork.

You see, we’re busy, excited, sometimes exhausted, but mainly very happy about Chasing Aurora’s progress!

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Posted on October 12, 2012
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