Friday Flashback #32: Everything New

We’ve had Makava pumping through our veins this week.

Most of our weeks happen to have a certain theme, and this one is no different – we’re in the last few weeks of finishing off the multi-player mode of Chasing Aurora, so we’re buried under lists upon lists and heaps of to dos. Still so much to add, tweak, change, implement, rip out and polish, before we can sit back and look at our finished game. “What’s the theme?”, you may wonder. While we changed quite a lot of things during the week and ticked off tasks that dealt with improvement, we’ve also added quite a few new things, so the theme is – “everything new”!

This week’s achievements:

  • The interface received a make over and is now completely new, with very sexy final menu graphics.
  • We took a look at our levels, did a quick count and decided – NEEDS MORE LEVELS! So we did that and added 10 brand-new single player challenges to the game.
  • While we were critically inspecting the game we’ve noticed something else – the intro had a bit of dust on it, so we added a whole new intro.
  • Last week we were working on our high score lists and finally got the high score saving done!
  • We’re also preparing for our biggest round of user tests with completely fresh faces, who’ve never played the game before.


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Posted on September 21, 2012
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