Friday Flashback #31: Watching it Hatch

Refreshed and filled with new-found energy, we’ve looked at the feedback received during PAX Prime and are back to working our minds off to improve what needs to be improved and polish what needs to be polished. Faster than ever, Chasing Aurora fills up with content and takes more and more shape. It’s a bit like watching a bird hatch from its egg.

To keep this update short, so we can improve and polish a bit more, here are this week’s achievement (in no specific order):

  • More and more levels went through our artist’s hands. The initially undecorated levels are colorful and alive!
  • We’ve also started working on the integration of online highscores for the multi-player mode.
  • The offline highscores have already found their way into the game and are fully integrated now.
  • We’ve also put a bit more thoughts and work into the menu, since it’s still not yet done, but not far from being finished yet.
  • Also, lots and lots of polishing is happening as we speak. We’d run out of space if we listed everything so let’s stick with – LOTS!
  • We’ve also watched yesterday’s Nintendo WiiU announcement and loved every single bit of it!

Hopefully, we’ll be able to give you a bit more insight on our PAX experiences, as soon as there’s a little more time to breathe.

Posted on September 14, 2012
Filed under Weekly Update
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