Friday Flashback #29: Subtractions and Additions

As you can probably tell – we’re concentrating on removing the awesome-but-not-awesome-enough features from the game, while adding much more awesome stuff (that’s been tested thoroughly). While the removed features were already mentioned, we’d like to focus on the features that have been added in the last few weeks. And there were many. Not all of them can be presented to the public eye yet, but we’ll try and give a good overview on what’s found its way into the game.

This week’s achievements:

  • The character selection for the multi-player mode has been updated, re-worked, re-vamped and implemented. Forget the old one, the new one’s much better!
  • While we were at it, we also looked at all the game modes and figured “This isn’t enough!”, so we created a new mode which has been tested thoroughly internally and some of us couldn’t stop, it’s too much fun. What we haven’t decided upon yet is the same. But a few promising suggestions are already out there. Most of them include “cookies”.
  • We commonly agreed that there aren’t enough characters in the game yet, so we picked one, gave him life and added him to the game. His name – the Fex.
  • So far, the scoring for the different multi-player modes wasn’t really in place, so we sat down, thought about the best way to put proper and fair scoring into the game and did it – now there’s scoring available over several rounds.
  • Some of us took the chance to change location and work environment. Felix is currently located in Styria, while Clemens decided to leave the country.

Felix’ work space in Styria

Posted on August 17, 2012
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