Friday Flashback #28: Multi-Player Mayhem

This week was quite an exciting and exhausting one. For the first time, we organized and conducted a massive multi-player user test. 18 people were invited to come by our office and test play (under the strict eye of our supervisors) a selection of new levels and completely new games modes.

This week’s also the last week our Canadian indie dev friends, Colin and Sarah Northway, shared an office with us. Some of us took the chance to test play their current game in progress – Incentipede. We’ve got two words for you – AWESOMELY AWESOME!

So, here are our weekly achievements, of which we’re especially proud and would like to share them with you. As usual, we’re open to any questions, so if anything’s unclear, or you’d like to know more about certain things, drop us a note in the comment section and we’ll get back to you.

This week’s achievements:

  • We’ve already mentioned the user test. The really awesome thing about it – it’s our first test on the WiiU!
  • New levels were added last week, and a shitload of new levels were added this week. We’re creating levels on an almost daily basis. Some of them stay, because they’re fun to play, others only live a short live. Only the best levels get into the game.
  • The new race-mode was finalized and tested this week. It was important for us to gather some useful feedback by the test players to continue working on new race tracks. The ones we have so far were quite fun to play.
  • Christof Dienz, our sound magician, paid us a visit and brought with him a bag full of new sounds and music. They’re making their way into the game as we speak.
  • To ensure smooth testing (which can never be fully ensured) we fixed a few bugs. And we’re going to fix a few more.
  • The tournament structure was finally decided upon and implemented.
  • The scoring system for said tournament structure is also almost entirely done. A few tweaks here and there are still required, though.
  • Since Colin and Sarah brought their amazing new game, Incredipede, with them, we managed to playtest it during our breaks.


Posted on August 3, 2012
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