Friday Flashback #25: Of Alps and Men

We love the sun (quite frankly, why shouldn’t we?) but our office has become quite the heating oven, so we decided to look for alternative workspaces that are a bit cooler and allow us to concentrate on our work. Half of the team used the opportunity to house-sit in the alps, while the remaining half decided to pack their bags and venture to the Arkadenhof at the University of Vienna, where it’s a lot cooler than at the office.

Despite the heat we managed to get the following things done:

  • The situational design for additional Karst levels were done
  • The visualisation of the different lighting moods of the day were added
  • The wind was tuned
  • The structure of the Karst was set
  • Game mechanics of the boar were added
  • The animations of the fish were improved and re-iterated
  • The alpenglow found its way into the game – the atmospheric scattering sets the mood
  • It’s our new intern’s first  week with us – welcome Tanja!
  • Today we’ve opened our doors and allowed visitors to come by and ask us anything and take a look at Chasing Aurora’s current state – check out Facebook and G+ for the photos of the event
  • On Saturday July 7th, Felix and Martin will join the discussion about making indie games and Indie Game: The Movie, organised by the ZIT, Subotron and IGDA – after that, the movie will be shown as well.
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Posted on July 6, 2012
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