Friday Flashback #10

We were busy with the giveaway this week! We gave away a couple of free WiiWare versions of And Yet It Moves to people who follow us on Twitter and invite a friend to follow us as well.

First of all, Peter updated and improved the animation editor even more. More functionality, more features, better handling. Animating physical objects is great fun in itself.

Most of the team spent their time tuning the already existing levels. Since we’re going to have another user test next week our main focus is laying on coming up with new puzzles and situations to be tested by our patient test players. We came up with a lot of new ideas and are looking forward to the feedback next week.

We mentioned more wildlife in one of our last updates and that we would lift the veil of mystery soon. We keep our promises, so here’s one new inhabitant! Mind you, this critter is not the only one new.

Dear Deer...

And Yet It Moves received another big update. Modifications that were Wii-only before are now also available for PC and Mac. The Speed modification, which enables you to slow down and raise the game speed is one of them. The other modification stops the environment from turning. Whenever you try and turn the environment, Andy, the player character, will turn instead. Mindfucking the mindfuck here. We’ve also fixed the cheater and crazy achievement, which were broken for a while now. Be sure to check for an update next week!

Gingko has better camera snapping now, which enables us to better control the camera as well as stage scenes, whenever necessary. Kind of like a virtual cameraman you can order around. We’ve also made other low-level optimizations of the engine including switching from a fixed to a dynamic graphics pipeline, which is what the cool kids do nowadays.

We’re also knee-deep in the preparations for the upcoming user test. Six new players will come by our office to participate in our regular user tests.

This week’s achievements:

  • Update of the animation editor
  • Tuning of existing levels
  • More wildlife
  • Big And Yet It Moves update
  • Fixed broken And Yet It Moves achievements
  • Better camera snapping
  • Preparation for user tests
  • Moved from fixed to a dynamic graphics pipeline
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Posted on February 17, 2012
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